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  • 150 gr. sugar

  • 150 gr. butter

  • 3 egg yolks

  • 4 clementines






In a big bowl, mix the egg yolks with 75 gr. of sugar until you get a fluffy and light yellow cream. Transfer this mixture to a pan. Add the juice of two clementines and the melted butter and cook over a low heat stirring continuously until the mixture starts boiling and gets a thicker consistency. Remove from the stove and distribute the mixture in small nice serving glasses. Garnish with the caramelized clementines on top. Leave in the fridge until serving them.

Caramelized clementines to garnish: put water and the remaining 75 gr. of sugar in a saucepan and cook for about 15 min. Add the remaining two clementines into wedges and cook over low heat for 10 min. Remove from the saucepan and place them over baking paper to garnish the cream.

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